Sunday, 18 March 2012

Omg just when I thought things were getting back to normal ( whatever that may be ) I had to take my husband up to hospital, in which we spent 4 and a half hours for them to decide to send him to Brighton. After some sorting out at home and kid arrangements I walk to the station caught a train and then a bus to Brighton hospital to sit in A and E until 5.30pm to final be told that he had to have his appendix out in the morning. I felt really bad but I left him in A and E because I had to get back to the kids, they managed to find him a bed on a ward at about 11.30pm in the end.
Let's just say after a mad week and lots of rearranging I now have my husband at home with me and wanting lots of tea and food!!!I have not really had time to play but fingers crossed before the kids break up for the Easter holidays I might get something done.
Hope you all have a lovely day and Happy Mothers Day to all you Mum'