Saturday, 12 March 2011

This is a book that I've been making over the last couple of days, it's for a friends hen weekend, all us hen's are going to write a message and I'm going to finish it off with some photo's of the weekend, it's not for a couple of weeks, which is lucky cause I still need to sort my fancy dress outfit out yet.
Going to try to make a card this afternoon, but I've got a really bad headache so not sure if I'm going to manage it, hope everyone enjoys their weekend.


Lisa Jane said...

what a great idea and a lovely keepsake . Hope we get to see the fancy dress pics
Lisa x

DesignerDiva said...

Excellent idea, as long as you are all in good enough condition to remember what happened the night before to put in it! LOL
Hope your headache is better, there is a nasty bug goinig around
Laurie x

Mary J said...

It's fantastic Cj! I love the colours you've chosen too!