Monday, 10 January 2011

Oh my God I completely forgot to take any pictures of the photo book that I mentioned in my last  post I have also forgotten to take any pictures of the invites that I made for my daughters birthday party that I made this weekend, there is so much going on at the moment that I seem to be forgetting quite a lot. I did remember that today I had an assessment at school, my tutor did come in last Thursday to see me but I had written the date down wrong on my calender and the class were in ICT.
This is a card that I made a while ago but I'm not sure on it I think it has something missing but I can't work out what. Any help?

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Mary J said...

Hi CJ honey! Thx for visiting my blog!

I adore this card! I often look at my cards and think there's something more I can do - but I think yours is just brilliant as it is!

If you still think it needs something, perhaps a sentiment, in the lower left corner, overlapping the white and purple area?