Thursday, 27 January 2011

Well I'm not doing bad this morning I've done my washing and cleaning, I have also made some cakes, scones and flapjack, so now I can't wait for lunch!!!!
I've got Larna off at the moment with a temperature and a really bad cough it sounds horrible, or as Larna said " I sound like a dog barking"

Here are a couple of cards that I got made yesterday, I started digging out some old stamps and the top card is one of them, I was also sorting through old papers and used some on both these cards.
I'm hoping that I get to have another play again today, but I'll have to see how Larna is.

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Lisa Jane said...

Two great cards - love the bright colours in th top one. Hope your daughter feels better soon and starts purring rather than barking lol
Lisa ;)